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Thanks for the Watch!



Well! lets start!

I didn't know anything about deviantART! Until one day I accidentally joined the page when I was trying to see a full size picture in google but I joined the the page view. I remember it was a fanart of Naruto, I will never forget about it because was part of a really cool doujinshi xD but I can't remember the username anymore because the artist leaved deviantart after some months. I found many artist after that and I followed them but it was without an account until july 2009 that I ask my mom (yes my mom helped me) to create an account, my english was really bad, and I'm sure my mom's was the same but we did it!, and once that I had my account with silly name I looked for inspiration to draw and submit something to my poor gallery. 

I really like the awesome color style of :iconunodu: and was the first artist I "watched". I really wanted to do the same awesome art as many others deviants that I followed after. I looked tutorials, and tried  and tried but was really hard to make it. I begin to think that draw wasn't for me, that I really sucked at this, that I shouldn't even try it... but I'm glad that I didn't give up easily, I thought at first that those amazing art was something easy to do, that everyone can draw like that in the first try but no, you need practice, time and patience; I started to respect artist (you ALL are really too cool for me).

So! after a year! (2010) I scanned and used photoshop for the first time in my life!. This was my first post in deviantART. Now that I see it I think "My god I really made that?!" But I don't dare to say "It's ugly" "awful" "bad" nothing, I'm proud of this, it's my first post, my first attempt to color and draw, I should call it  "My first I wanna be an artist" post.  
together by 15RyU94

The same year I changed account to this one B-ppt, you remember? Weird name right? I was joking (bad joke by the way) It meant  "Bang-puppet" I really liked Sasori and Deidara from Naruto xD, but now it's just... Hyper-von (I was about to change it to supervon but it seems someone got the same idea first) well~ whatevar lets continue! 

(2012) My obsession for pokemon started! Do you know/remember Travis? He wasn't my first Oc but yes the first one I made for a group!  
Pokemon coordinator-Travis by HyperVon

Being in a group on deviantART was awesome experience! I was always nervous to role-play with others users because it wasn't a spanish group, I thought they would be mean and laugh and bully me, really, I thought to leave the group after just a day of apply in but again I was wrong. Yes they laughed of my english but they teach me too, and better than my teacher. I made many friends, of many other countries, everyone was friendly and great artists too! I did my best to make art better and better.
Travis-Matryoshka style! by HyperVon    Meme 4-Travis by HyperVon

I really Loved all my years here in deviantART I improved as an artist as I wanted and I will keep doing that, I want to be the very best ;P

Now after long time I found this weird new way to play pokemon and this strange comic of pokemon based on the game...Nuzcloke. Cool art, awesome story, amazing art improvement. I wanted to try it, so my first HeartGold nuzlocke appeared. But didn't last to much right? If I don't organize my ideas how can I draw a long and good Nuzlocke? With a nice story of course! So I decided to make it again, it might take me long time but the same did my art to become better.

Voices of the Heart-HeartGold Nuzlocke by HyperVon

What else can I say about my story here? For me DeviantART is like disneyland to a kid. I enjoy all the attractions. Tutorials, lineart, photography, colors!, chat groups, improvement, traditional/digital art, different styles and everything else!

okka then I almost finish with these questions (maybe a few more) have in mind what type?! (female/male) 

17 deviants said fire//water
11 deviants said grass//fire
6 deviants said water/grass
No deviants said other idea plz comment!


Awesome people

Groups that I love
:iconpokebros: :iconhomraa::iconb-i-o-n-i-c:
Precious Friends:icontouchplz:



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